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English Business Profile
Introduction to Our Relocation Services
Since the establishment of our company in 1965, we have served as an intermediary in office relocation for more than 80,000 customers.
We have also received information on more than 50,000 buildings from building owners around the country who have placed their trust in us.
Our outstanding record in providing intermediary services for office relocation and wealth of information on buildings mean we are ideally placed to help you relocate your office.
We are experts in providing intermediary services for office relocation.
From planning a move to a new office through to the actual move itself, we provide coordination services in all kinds of areas related to office relocation.
Our support services, as described below, are designed to flexibly meet your office relocation needs regardless of whether you are a small or large business. So why not let us help you with your next relocation?
Support Services for Finding a New Office
1. Request from you regarding office relocation
First of all, we ascertain your requirements, such as purpose, site conditions, office area, and terms of tenancy. Based on a summary of these items, we then help you design a relocation plan and establish suitable building selection criteria.
2. Support for relocation planning
We provide comprehensive support for the planning of your office relocation, from the provision of the office data you require in order to prepare the relocation planning documents, plan approval documents, and tenancy agreements, to creating the design layout for the new office space and moving into your new office.
3. Providing information on prospective offices
Experts in intermediary services expeditiously create a list of office properties that meet your requirements. We then provide you with a list of these properties, maps, leaflets, and other information to help you narrow down your list of candidate buildings.
4. Tours of prospective offices
We accompany you in visiting multiple candidate buildings so that you can compare their location, layout, and facilities. Tours of prospective offices are provided until you find the office that best suits your needs.
5. Meeting before concluding the contract
Once you have made your final decision, we negotiate the tenancy conditions and content of the tenancy agreement with the building owners in line with your needs. We also offer consultation services regarding the cancellation of the tenancy agreement for your current office.
6. Procedure for entering into and canceling an agreement
We offer advice on entering into a reservation agreement and then the formal agreement for the office of your choice. In addition, we introduce you to agencies that can restore your current office to its original state.
7. Procedure for moving in
We coordinate your move to your new office. If you wish, we can also introduce you to other companies that may prove of use to you, such as interior design companies, communications companies, and transportation companies.

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